Special Allowance to be Paid Sept. 9

Article 7.7  Special Allowance Payment and .5% increase on Your Next Pay

You will be receiving a half percent (0.5%) raise effective September 1st, 2016. In addition, your Special Allowance will be paid out on our next pay date, September 9th. All full-time support staff (including I/O but not Appendix D) with six months or more service as of September 1st, will be paid an extra $425.  Members with more than 10 years service will receive $825.

To determine your years of continuous service, include only your service as a permanent full-time or I/O employee. Also include breaks due to maternity or parental leaves, sick leaves, professional development leaves, and the first six months of any other leave. The rules for determining continuous service are in articles 11.2 and 14.2. If you’re not sure, please ask your steward.

To receive the payment, you must be “on active payroll” (ie. receiving a paycheque from Seneca). This includes members on vacation and Short Term Disability (sick days), but not those on Long Term Disability (paid by SunLife). It includes those on professional development, parental or maternity leaves, but not any members on leave without pay. It does not include members who are seconded to positions within faculty or management.

If you are active on payroll as of December 1, 2016, you will receive a bonus, on a paycheque before the end of December, a lump sum payment equivalent to 1% of what your base pay is, as of December 1st, 2016.

If you do not receive a Special Allowance or lump sum payment, please contact your supervisor, your HR consultant (list is on college’s HR Blackboard site), and your local steward as soon as possible. You only have 15 working days to file a grievance, if needed.

Future raises and bonuses in our current agreement include: