Johnson Insurance

As a member of OPSEU Local 561, you are eligible for reduced group rates on home and auto insurance from Johnson Insurance. A flyer is attached. Many members have taken advantage of these rates and also of OPSEU’s partnership with BAKA phones, for cheaper group rates on phone plans. You may need your union number to apply for these benefits. Your number should be on your union card. If you do not have it, you can get it from one of our elected officers.


Sign Your Union Card

Sign a Union Card Here

All support staff at Seneca College, except for students working in co-op positions, are members of either the full-time or part-time bargaining units. As bargaining unit members, you are all entitled to fair representation from the Union, wages and benefits negotiated by the Union, and to participate, democratically, in contract and strike votes. In return, all bargaining unit members must pay dues (once you have a First Contract).

However, not all bargaining unit members are Union Members. To be a Union Member, you must voluntarily join the Union, by signing a Union Card. Union membership has further rewards. A Union Card is a promise to do no harm to other members. It entitles you to attend Union Meetings and vote on how your dues are spent, on what activities the Union is involved in, on rules and by-laws, on bargaining demands, and to vote for the people who lead your Union or run for a position yourself. A union card also entitles you to group benefits, like cell phone and auto insurance deals, quality education and training, helpful resources in times of need, and most important: Strike Pay in the event you choose to strike or are locked-out by the employer, during bargaining.

Sign a Union Card Here

To sign a Union Card, print and sign the linked card here, or open it in a PDF viewer and complete and sign it electronically. Mark CAATS as your category of employment. For Part-Time, also indicate whether you are a student or regular PT worker. For Hire Date, please use the first day you began working at Seneca, not the beginning of your current contract. Bring the signed card to our Union Office, Room B4060, or inter-office mail it to OPSEU Local 561, Newnham Campus, or email to You can slide envelopes under the door – only elected union officers have the keys.