Bill 148 and Equal Pay Update – June 27, 2018

Bill 148 requires all Ontario employers, including Seneca, to pay Part-Time employees the same as Full-Time employees who do substantially the same work, as of April 1st, 2018.  Seneca is currently working on implementing this policy, and has been meeting with local union reps to provide updates. We have been promised that once Seneca’s Human Resources Team has completed their analysis of which jobs are substantially the same, we will be notified. Part-time employees who will receive a pay increase will be sent a letter. All raises will be retroactive to April 1st, 2018, regardless of whether or not a part-time employee is still working for Seneca. If you have left, please ensure that Seneca has your banking information on file, or a current address.
If you do NOT agree with the college’s assessment, and feel you do substantially the same job as full-time co-workers, then you must write a letter to HR. A form has been created by the college for this purpose. The college will review your request for a re-assessment, and give you a decision in writing. The college has requested that part-time employees wait until they have completed their initial assessment before completing the form. If you are not satisfied with the College’s written response to your appeal, the issue can be referred to the Ontario Labour Relations Board. If you appeal the College’s decision and are successful at any stage, your pay will still be retroactive to April 1st, 2018.
For more information on the college’s process, go to:
To join a Webinar on Bill 148 Impementation at Seneca, Thursday, June 28th, at Noon, go to:
Your Local Stewards, with the backing of OPSEU’s legal advisors, are here to help you at each stage of the process. We will help you identify whether there are positions that are substantially the same as your’s; help you write the letter to the college if your pay is not increased; help present your case to the college and Labour Relations Board (and cover any legal costs associated). Being in a Union gives you the benefit of an organized approach where we can all learn from each other’s victories and losses. If there is a job that is substantially the same as your’s among over 600 full-time positions at Seneca, the together we will find it!
Your Local 561 Part-Time Mobilizers (Mackenzie Jenkins, Tizzianna Browne and Ryan Williams) have been busy organizing Equal Pay Clinics, to be held at each campus. The first one will be at Newnham, on Friday, June 29th, from 10 am to 6 pm. This will be our “experiment” to see if the process we have designed is efficient. We will then make adjustments and schedule clinics at each campus over the next four weeks.
If you wish to participate, please complete the attached Equal Pay Worksheet, and drop in during a clinic. You can also email your form to, and we will do our best to assist you electronically.

Ensure Your i3 Attendance is Accurate and Up-to-Date

All members should regularly check their vacation and sick day balances on i3, as well as their pay stubs. You are responsible for bringing any errors to your supervisor’s attention as soon as possible. The more time that passes, the more difficult it becomes to remember specifics and fix issues. Based on the experience of our members who have had difficulty, we recommend that all employees keep their own record of sick days and vacation days taken.

Maintaining your absences on i3 is especially important when on extended sick leaves. If the sick days are not entered on i3 in a timely fashion, you may be over-paid, resulting in a radically reduced pay cheque once the college catches up. If you are on sick leave, ensure that you or your supervisor is recording your sick days each week, to avoid such surprises. If you have questions, contact a member of our Accommodation and Return to Work Committee.