OPSEU Region 5 Election Results (March 2017)

Elections held on Saturday, March 18th, resulted in two new Executive Board Members (EBMs) for Region 5, representing the Toronto area locals within OPSEU. Jessica Sikora, the region’s Young Workers Committee rep and a solid activist televised last year by leading a protest where youth turned their backs on Justin Trudeau for his broken promises, is one of our new leaders. Julius Arscott, local president of Toronto employees of the Ministries of the Environment, Training, Health and others, is the other new EBM. Myles Magner, who received the most votes, is the only returning EBM and was also elected the Regional Vice President. Myles used his election speech to announce that he plans to run against Smokey Thomas for president of OPSEU, at our Convention in April.

There were quite a lot of changes to the Executive Board, with only 13 of the 21 existing EBMs voted back in, including both Smokey Thomas, our current President, and Eduardo Almeida, current 1st Vice President/Treasurer. Eight women were elected to the Union’s top leadership. Rod Bemister from Seneca was unsuccessful in his bid to regain a seat on the Executive Board, but by far got the most cheers when he spoke. Janice Hagan was acclaimed as the Region’s rep on the Union’s Constitution Committee. Delegates from Local 561 included Janice Hagan, Mary Kernohan, Virginia DiMonte, Tracy MacMaster, Rod Bemister, and alternate, Mark Olearo.


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