College Denying Union Use of College Email and Facilities for Part-Time

To date, Seneca College has denied OPSEU Local 561 the use of college email to contact our new part-time union members, and the use of college facilities to hold meetings for part-time employees. OPSEU has appealed to the Employer Council to secure permission for locals, who regularly use college email and facilities to support bargaining and demand-setting meetings for full-time employees. In the meantime, we are using our web site, personal emails (where we have them), Facebook, posters and word of mouth, to reach our new members, and encourage them to complete their bargaining survey.

How can you help? Forward the bargaining survey link, or a link to, to all of your part-time co-workers, through their personal email. If you are part-time, please sign a Union Card, so we have your non-Seneca email address, and can add you to our email list. If you do not wish to sign a card at this time but want to get all the news related to bargaining, then send us your non-Seneca email address to


FOLLOW UP: After a discussion with the Council and HR departments at various colleges, it was agreed that the Union could utilize the same employer facilities as they normally are allowed to utilize for full-time employees. The first email went out from Local 561 to all known Part-Time staff on March 14, 2018.