College Support Staff Offered Surprise Contract Extension

College Support Staff have been offered a deal to extend our current Contract, which ends August 31, 2018, by four more years, in return for a 7.75% wage increase, the first year’s raise presented 6 months before the contract ends, as well as other cost-neutral improvements, including 5 family care days, catastrophic drug cost coverage, and the first improvements to contracting out language we’ve seen in over two decades. OPSEU administrators and members of the Divisional Executive signed a tentative agreement endorsing the Offer, and now 9,000 + Full-Time, Appendix D and G bargaining unit members will have their say. A vote date is expected to be confirmed early next week, and details about polling stations and times will follow. Details of the offer can be viewed here:

Tentative Agreement Announcement

Full Text of Agreement

If members turn down this Offer, we will bargain as usual. We will elect a Bargaining Team in October, engage our 24 college locals in demand setting throughout the winter, then start meeting with the employer in June. Regular bargaining supported by a strong strike vote is still an option. Nobody has taken away our rights. We are merely offering members a choice: take the extension or bargain as usual.

There are a few critics who feel we should have made that decision for you, and refused this deal “on principle” because our Bargaining procedures were not followed. I do not agree. Thanks to OPSEU President, Smokey Thomas, and senior Administrators, Ron Elliot and Bob Eaton, the leadership of our Division was allowed to make our own decision on what was best for our members at this time. We decided that this is a choice that needs to be considered and made by all Support Staff.

In Solidarity,

Janice Hagan