Does HR Know about ALL of Your Skills and Experience?

When positions at Seneca are made redundant, and the college must bump employees under Article 15, they will rely on the latest resume they have in your personnel file. If you have not applied for a job recently, or you tailored your last resume to a specific job and left things out, then you may need to update the resume in your HR Personnel File.

Write a “Shopping List Resume” that lists ALL of your work and volunteer experiences, education and skills. Don’t worry about the number of pages or style. Do keep your claims specific and measurable.

For example:

(not measurable) “Proficient at MS Access”

(better) “entered and updated data in MS Access database”or “designed and maintained MS Access database to analyze student visit statistics, including creating tables, queries and reports”.

Remember, all deliberations under Article 15 are confidential. Your Union representatives cannot warn you that you are about to be bumped. Be proactive and send your “Resume Shopping List” to your supervisor or Human Resources Consultant, and update it each time your education or experience changes significantly. Be sure to tell them to place the new resume in your Personnel file.